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New Legislation Could Curtail Federal Testing

CAPS has long argued that stressful and time-consuming “one-size-fits-all” tests required by No Child Left Behind and state mandates stifle the learning environment without providing accurate and valid measures of students’ achievement. That’s why we welcome legislation in the U.S. House that seeks to reduce federal testing and invite you to let your opinions be known to your legislators.  

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Contact Your Legislators

Let your voice be heard! Contact your state and federal legislators about the education issues of vital importance to your children and community.

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Property Tax Reform

Property tax reform is under discussion in Harrisburg and can go either way. Reform will either help to more equitably and predictably finance our schools for both students and property owners or create larger inequities and reduce school funding. 

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Advocating For Our Students

There are many resources about public school education in the Delaware Valley, but the Council for the Advancement of Public Schools (CAPS) is the only one that is solely focused on issues of mutual concern to parents, students, educators, administrators and the communities of Bucks and Montgomery counties.

With more than 200,000 students in 42 districts, CAPS serves as a valuable resource to educate, inform and engage the community in the broad issues that impact how and what children learn in our schools every day. From apprising the community about the impact of charter and cyber schools, to weighing in on issues such as No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, to providing helpful tips for parents as they support their children to succeed, we invite you to visit this Web site regularly. Stay informed and get involved today. It’s the key to success for all of our students and the broader community that will depend upon a well-educated and informed population tomorrow…because public education builds strong communities.

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Quotable Quotes

“Imagine a federally funded program that provides academic access to poor children, pays private vendors millions of dollars to hire tutors with questionable experience, gives them autonomy to choose their hourly pay rates and pupil-teacher ratios, and accepts vendors’ unconfirmed ‘self-evaluation’ as evidence of academic improvement, a crucial condition for staying in the program. Imagine understaffed local school districts saddled with the job of spending precious Title I funds to pay thousands of invoices . . . Now imagine this program is part of the NCLB Act.” (It is!)

-Joan Jacobson, freelance writer