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Here you will find videos and stories about the impact teachers have on students as well as the appreciation students have for their Bucks and Montgomery County public school teachers.

Mr. Swindells Surprise Interview

A theme that continued to pop up in our #TeacherTuesday series was how public schools and public school educators teach much more than the basics – they teach students how to be good citizens, inspire self-confidence and motivate them to become life-long learners. To better tell that story, the CAPS team brought one of our #TeacherTuesday stories to life.

We invited eight students of Scott Swindells, a 10th grade English teacher at North Penn HS, into the school’s AV studio to talk about him. On camera, they told us what made him their favorite teacher and what they learned beyond literature. And they all had something to say about his Man Bun.

After we interviewed his students, we invited Scott to the studio under the guise of an interview about his teaching style. Little did he know that he would be presented with a collection of messages from some of his current and former students. He truly enjoyed hearing their stories and was humbled by their heartfelt thanks. It was clear that his mission goes far beyond teaching them English and that his goal is to connect with students to help them succeed in life.

Mission accomplished.

Mr. Swindells and his students are textbook examples of what makes Bucks and Montgomery counties’ public schools so special.


Hear Mr. Swindells rap

Students thank their favorite public school teacher



Each week, we profile a Bucks or Montgomery public school teacher on our Facebook page in our #TeacherTuesday feature. The diverse backgrounds and strengths of these educators, and the subjects they teach, demonstrate that there is something for everyone in our public schools.


Nicole Mohrey TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: March 5th, 2019

Nicole Mohrey, of Eastern Center for Arts and Technology, is this week’s #TeacherTuesday. A commercial art educator for eleventh and twelfth graders, and a member of the Eastern Montgomery County...

Nicole Belick Kratz TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: February 26th, 2019

Nicole Belick Kratz, this week’s #TeacherTuesday, has an opportunity to teach her students cooking skills that they will use throughout their lifetime. Her work as a Family and Consumer Sciences...

Christian Fowkes TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: February 12th, 2019

We’re delighted to highlight Christian Fowkes, an “amazing teacher,” according to one of his colleagues who nominated him as this week’s #TeacherTuesday. He teaches seventh grade science...

Dina McCaffery TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: February 5th, 2019

Dina McCaffery is another phenomenal example of educators preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist and is this week’s #TeacherTuesday. This member of the Centennial Education Association...

Nary Chou TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: January 29, 2019

This week’s #TeacherTuesday, Nary Chou, came to the United States as a war refugee from Cambodia at the age of eight, unable to speak a word of English. Her ESL teacher taught her not only “how to...

Ken Ehrmann TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTuesday: January 22nd, 2019

This week’s energetic #TeacherTuesday, Ken Ehrmann, believes passionately in students creating their own personalized learning. He’s a fifth-grade teacher at M.M. Seylar Elementary School, a member...

#TeacherTuesday Nomination

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  • In your opinion, what makes public education great?
  • What inspires you to lead your class every day?
  • What’s something that your students can’t get anywhere else?

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