Our History

Ruggles and GroupCAPS was formed in 1995 by public school educators in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Our goal is to help the community understand and appreciate the value and quality of public education and its pivotal role in our communities and the larger society.

Public education celebrations have been held in malls in both Bucks and Montgomery counties. They have showcased the academic, athletic and artistic talents of the students and staff in our public schools. These events have included and have been attended by thousands of local residents.

Community forums held in both counties have given participants the opportunity to discuss important public education issues such as charter schools, class size, standardized testing, school funding and more. Local, regional and national speakers have joined in these discussions to offer their thoughts and suggestions.

Legislative roundtables have provided education leaders, community members and legislators the ability to talk about the issues affecting public education. In these open and frank sessions, participants discussed the details behind major public education legislative issues and the importance of supporting and improving public education.

Television and radio spots, newspaper ads, billboards and online advertising have highlighted the positive impact that public education continues to have in our communities. From increased real estate values to talented graduates for the workforce, Bucks and Montgomery counties’ public education successes have been spotlighted.

From building for Habitat for Humanity and supporting public radio and television fundraisers, to collecting school supplies for children in need, CAPS’ members continue to give back to their communities in countless ways, demonstrating that public education builds strong communities.