Budget & Legislation

advocacyiStock_000008445356XXXLargePublic education issues such as federal and state funding, charter schools, local school funding reform, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (also known as No Child Left Behind under the Bush Administration) and Race to the Top continue to receive frequent and intense media coverage. However, it is often difficult to understand the real issues behind the headlines. CAPS’ most important consideration in evaluating these issues is the impact they will have on our children and society as today’s students take their rightful place as the leaders of tomorrow.

Because CAPS’ members are on the front lines in our public schools, we are in a unique position to lead discussions and help the community, legislators and media professionals to better understand the issues as they affect our students.

We invite you to learn more about issues impacting our public schools. Share your opinion and request more information at contact us. And let your opinion be heard in Harrisburg by contacting your legislators.

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