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Where are all the Teachers?

Pennsylvania is facing a teacher shortage and the time to do something about it is now. The number of college students beginning teacher prep programs in the state has dropped by 59 percent in the past three years alone and the number of teaching certificates issued by the Department of Education has also declined by 66 percent.

Coupled with this is the likelihood that 20,000 Pennsylvania educators will retire over the next 10 years, and still others will leave in mid-career for jobs with better salaries and benefits and more desirable working conditions.

Stop-gap measures are problematic because when teachers are not fully prepared they are more likely to leave the profession. This not only decreases student achievement but creates additional expenses to recruit and train replacements.

What can be done? Recent research indicates that shortages could be almost eliminated if we reduce attrition by fifty percent. This can be achieved by improving working conditions, offering more preparation and better mentoring, and providing sufficient resources to allow teachers to do their jobs.

If this is an issue that concerns you, we urge you to make your thoughts known to your legislators.

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Early Childhood Education is Crucial

Pre-K education is not only foundational for success in school, but paves the way for a fulfilled life and career. With 90 percent of a child’s brain developed by age five, the earliest years of a...

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Meeting the Needs of Every Student

The U.S. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act guaranteed that students with disabilities could be part of a regular education classroom and curriculum and participate in programs offered to their...

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Music Enriches Students in Countless Ways

School music education programs were often eliminated or reduced as a result of budget cuts during the previous administration. But as funds begin to be returned to schools, we strongly advocate for music...

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Why Girls Need STEM

One thing is clear about the future – jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) will provide opportunity, a chance to shape the world, and job-stability as society becomes increasingly...

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Act 35 Established a Fair Funding Formula

The new school year has brought a welcome change in the way the commonwealth funds schools, thanks to the passage of Act 35 which established a fair funding formula for the 500 districts in the state....

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Michener Art Museum Open House to Welcome PSEA/MER Members & Administrators Oct. 13

In celebration of a new collaboration, public school teachers who are members of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Mideastern Region (PSEA/MER), and school administrators, are invited to be...

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Newsweek Ranks Nine of Our HS Among Top 500 in U.S.

Nine public high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties were ranked among the best 500 high schools nationwide, according to the Newsweek survey on America’s Top High Schools 2016 released on...

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Where Have All the Subs Gone?

A perfect storm of factors is leading to a worrying decrease in the number of substitute teachers available to schools throughout the Philadelphia region, and to less than ideal solutions for our...

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More than One-Third of Top 50 PA Schools in CAPS Region

Nineteen public high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties were ranked among the best 63 high schools in Pennsylvania, according to the recently released U.S.News & World Report Best High Schools...