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Act 35 Established a Fair Funding Formula

The new school year has brought a welcome change in the way the commonwealth funds schools, thanks to the passage of Act 35 which established a fair funding formula for the 500 districts in the state. This year, there is an additional $352 million in basic education funding available in the budget, thanks to the persistence of a pro-education governor, legislators, and advocates.

Funds will be distributed in two ways: Schools will collect the same base amount they received last year, with additional funding distributed according to other student and district-based factors. These considerations include local tax revenue capacity, size and density of the student population, and the student poverty rate.

Additionally, there will be continual implementation of the funding formula in upcoming years.

We think this is a good beginning but believe there is still much more to be done to restore the $1 billion in cuts that occurred during the last administration. We want to hire back teachers and support professionals, reestablish classes that were cut, reduce class sizes, and ensure we have the resources needed to provide a great 21st century education for all students in our region.

Our legislators need to hear from you, their constituents, about what’s important. Share your point of view with them.

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Michener Art Museum Open House to Welcome PSEA/MER Members & Administrators Oct. 13

In celebration of a new collaboration, public school teachers who are members of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, Mideastern Region (PSEA/MER), and school administrators, are invited to be...

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Newsweek Ranks Nine of Our HS Among Top 500 in U.S.

Nine public high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties were ranked among the best 500 high schools nationwide, according to the Newsweek survey on America’s Top High Schools 2016 released on...

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Where Have All the Subs Gone?

A perfect storm of factors is leading to a worrying decrease in the number of substitute teachers available to schools throughout the Philadelphia region, and to less than ideal solutions for our...

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More than One-Third of Top 50 PA Schools in CAPS Region

Nineteen public high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties were ranked among the best 63 high schools in Pennsylvania, according to the recently released U.S.News & World Report Best High Schools...

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2016 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee for Bucks and Montgomery counties

Congratulations to Kathy Tran (L) of Strayer Middle School in Quakertown School District for winning the 2016 Scripps Regional Spelling Bee for Bucks and Montgomery counties this weekend. Kudos also to...

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Bucks and Montgomery County Elementary Schools Rank Tops in Pa.

Forty of the top 100 public elementary schools in Pennsylvania are in Bucks and Montgomery counties, according to the recently released 2016 Best Elementary Schools in Pennsylvania survey. At...

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SAT Results: 17 of Top 100 Schools in CAPS Region

Recently released 2015 SAT scores placed 17 of the top 100 Pennsylvania high schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties and nearly two-thirds of all CAPS schools in the top tier. Leading the way in Bucks...

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William Tennent HS and Eli Lilly Provide Incredible Opportunity to Students

This is the stuff from which great movie scripts emerge. A global pharmaceutical company – Eli Lilly, headquartered in Indianapolis – partners with a local public high school in Warminster, Bucks...

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19 out of Top 50 High Schools in Pa. are in Bucks and Montgomery County

Nineteen Bucks and Montgomery county public high schools were among the top 50 high schools in Pennsylvania, according to the recently released 2016 Best School Districts in Pennsylvania...