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Sakita Tinsley - TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

TeacherTueaday: May 14, 2019

In keeping with our “Heroes” theme, we’re proud to introduce you to Sakita Tinsley, an English and Multicultural Voices teacher at North Penn High School as this week’s #TeacherTuesday. A member of the North Penn Education Association-NPEA, she received the “Exceptional Teacher Award” on Saturday in the National Liberty Museum‘s Teacher as Hero Award program honoring outstanding educators in the Delaware Valley. The program was sponsored by State Farm.

This co-advisor to the NPHS African American Awareness Club talks about becoming an avid reader as a child and how it broadened her horizons. She says, “Not everyone is born into a family of prominence or great financial comfort, but everyone is entitled to a useful, pragmatic, skill-based and adventure-filled education; that is the blessing and necessity of public education.” And she adds, “My students are so AMAZING! I look into their faces and I see them changing the world. I visualize how their very specific talents will actually make America what it was intended to be — a place where everyone deserves to live their version of the American Dream — one that involves equity and empathy, acceptance and access, pride and possibility.”

Know other inspiring educators like Sakita who change the world through their daily interactions with students? Let us know and we’ll feature them in an upcoming #TeacherTuesday.

Teacher Tuesday

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Teacher Tuesday

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Teacher Tuesday

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Teacher Tuesday

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Teacher Tuesday

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Erika Schwanbeck TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

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Chris Sterman TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

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Christie Besack TeacherTuesday
Teacher Tuesday

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