2020 Spelling Bee Finalists

Our 2020 Regional Spelling Bee was scheduled to take place in late March, but it was cancelled. We are so proud of our finalists.

Thank you to all of our community members, families, and volunteers who worked behind the scenes in preparation for the Bee. We hope to see you all next year!

Competing School Champions


1 – Jordan Ea, Pennridge North Middle School

Winning Word: adversity

Hobbies: video games, reading, watching YouTube

2 – Chase Lambert, Overlook Elementary School

Winning Word: squabble

Hobbies: building/creating with Legos, video games, and reading

3 – Keira McCartan, Cold Spring Elementary School

Winning Word: halogens

Hobbies: painting, skiing, reading

4 – Sarah Quinones, Upper Perkiomen School District

Winning Word: stirrups

Hobbies: reading, drawing, and track

5 – Samantha Faella, Perkiomen Valley Middle School West

Winning Word: talcum

Hobbies: basketball, softball, competitively solving Rubik’s Cube

6 – Vincent Daniel, Barclay Elementary School

Winning Word: heavily

Hobbies: reading, math, helping dad in restaurant

7 – George Wagner, Willow Dale Elementary

Winning Word: ramparts

Hobbies: math, spelling, coins

8 – Ava Mancini, Arcola Intermediate School

Winning Word: hazmat

Hobbies: reading, Frisbee club, and math

9 – Kenton Reilly, Durham Nockamixon Elementary School

Winning Word: transit

Hobbies:  soccer, chess, baseball

10 – Caleb Hook, Boyertown Middle School East

Winning Word: hymnal

Hobbies: basketball, reading and video games

11 – James Bidwell, Waldron Mercy Academy

Winning Word: symptomatic

Hobbies: sailing, skiing, robotics

12 – Olivia Cassels, Pennridge South Middle School

Winning Word: marketplace

Hobbies: drawing, writing, reading

13 – Aleric Litchauer, Hope Lutheran School

Winning Word: scrambling

Hobbies: reading, writing stories, playing video games

14 – Luke Wisniewski, Perkiomen Valley Middle School East

Winning Word: frangible

Hobbies: French horn, Boy Scouts, cast member of the school musical

15 – Sophia Orlando, Robert B. Deibler Elementary School

Winning Word: perfume

Hobbies:  singing, performing gymnastics, and Kids’ Worship Team

16 – Joyce Bardwell, Gayman Elementary

Winning Word: dropsonde

Hobbies: reading, running, band

17 – Kate Matthews, Springfield Township Middle School

Winning Word: memorandum

Hobbies: soccer, swimming, and Girl Scouts

18 – Angela Raffaele, Wyncote Elementary

Winning Word: requirement

Hobbies: animals, track, and playing video games

19 – Andrew Tedesco, Keith Valley Middle School

Winning Word: heathen

Hobbies:  swimming, video games, reading

20 – Connor Klebek, Linden Elementary

Winning Word: grovel

Hobbies: reading, baseball, drawing

21 – Siddharth Pandith, McDonald Elementary School

Winning Word: extremely

Hobbies: science, history and video games

22 – Gwen Trainer, West Rockhill Elementary School

Winning Word: generation

Hobbies: math, building with Legos, reading

23 – Benny Gao, Sellersville Elementary School

Winning Word: exploits

Hobbies: playing the trumpet

24 – Libby Coombs, Indian Valley Middle School

Winning Word: lapse

Hobbies: farming, piano, singing

25 – Connor Murray, M. M. Seylar Elementary School

Winning Word: apprentice

Hobbies: baseball, basketball, football

26 – Michael Sapazhnikov, Wissahickon Middle School

Winning Word: placid

Hobbies: concert band, student council, Math Counts

27 – Hudson Franks, Paul W. Kutz Elementary School

Winning Word: requirement

Hobbies: baseball, reading, and soccer

28 – Indigo Satko, Cheltenham Elementary School

Winning Word: trombone

Hobbies: reading, drawing, writing

29 – Viola Yates-Podgurski, Tinicum Elementary School

Winning Word: profile

Hobbies: singing, playing the piano, and playing in nature

30 – Elizabeth Beatty, Springfield Elementary School

Winning Word: disinfectant

Hobbies: soccer, videos, and crafts

31 – Brendan Paul, Corpus Christi School

Winning Word: contemplate

Hobbies: sports, drawing

32 – Jack Neville, Strayer Middle School

Winning Word: brayed

Hobbies: reading, writing, running

33 – Edward Cheung, The Haverford School

Winning Word: proximo

Hobbies: reading, math

34 – Kaitly Lemus, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School

Winning Word: nefarious

Hobbies: roller-skating, reading, and swimming

35 – Jackson Wiseman, Souderton Charter School

Winning Word: hokum

Hobbies: acting, math, reading

36 – Tina Ramberg-Michael, Myers Elementary School

Winning Word: scattering

Hobbies: writing, reading, drawing

37 – Olivia Lee, Glenside Elementary

Winning Word: implore

Hobbies: gymnastics, Minecraft

38 – Grayson Dryburgh, Spring-Ford 5/6 Grade Center

Winning Word: benevolent

Hobbies: theater, Dungeons & Dragons, reading

39 – Shaun Dillon, Davis Elementary School

Winning Word: stapes

Hobbies: basketball, video games, watching movies

40 – Ethan Forest, Patricia A. Guth Elementary School

Winning Word: perfume

Hobbies: student council, mixed-martial arts, Guth Elementary sports reporter

41 – Erica Nissley, Coventry Christian Schools

Winning Word: collateral

Hobbies: volleyball, reading, and piano playing

42 – Priana Khant, JM Grasse Elementary

Winning Word: arugula

Hobbies: reading, Bollywood dancing, playing violin

43 – Cristina Martin, New Hope-Solebury Middle School

Winning Word: levees

Hobbies: playing piano, reading, playing basketball

44 – Penny Dugan, Indian Crest Middle School

Winning Word: astronautical

Hobbies: writing, reading, logic

45 – Patrick Francisquini, PA Virtual Charter School

Winning Word: contaminated

Hobbies: gaming, science, and math

46 – Helen Lekich, Bedminster Elementary School

Winning Word: abundance

Hobbies: reading

47 – Yani Xu, Warwick Elementary School

Winning Word: contemplate

Hobbies: reading, writing, and ice skating

48 – Nicholas Hillerby, Pennridge Central Middle School

Winning Word: scoundrel

Hobbies: drawing, architecture, baseball

49 – Noah Thomforde-Toates, Welsh Valley Middle School

Winning Word: cantankerous

Hobbies: chess & Jiu-Jitsu