A Path to “HIRE” Education

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Sudents can earn up to 18 college credits while in CTE. Each program varies but students are encouraged to earn at least one industry credential/certificate, along with their high school diploma, and often earn college credits (all at no cost to them)!

This emerging field combines electronics and mechanical engineering in a synergistic approach to understanding engineering principles. Its workers design, troubleshoot, maintain and repair sophisticated automated equipment. Students learn about electrical, electronics, robotics, mechanical systems, fluid power systems, programmable logic controllers, control systems and mechatronics. Engineers and technicians with this training have the greatest career mobility across technical disciplines. Careers can include programmer, software engineer, robotics, industrial designer, electro-mechanical engineer, project engineer and many more. Source

While each school is organized differently, numerous tracks are available to meet the interests of students while addressing the needs of high-growth industries by closing the skills gap. Included are the arts/visual communications, construction, cosmetology, culinary and pastry arts, hospitality, engineering/manufacturing, agriculture and natural resources, human and animal health, human services, power and transportation, and many, many more.

Another 21st century career, biotechnology is diverse and challenging, offering excellent opportunities for career growth in pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as in research. Students study standard lab techniques of microbiology and receive specialized training in cell culture, protein purification, recombinant DNA technology and forensics. This training can lead to careers such as client research associate, crime lab technician, environmental engineer, biomedical engineer or quality control analyst. Source

Our schools close the skills gap, providing real-world education and experience to hundreds of students who graduate each year prepared for in-demand jobs, college and the military. Highly skilled teachers – all experts in their field — work with industry advisory boards to ensure that curriculum, equipment and opportunities meet rigorous standards in high-growth industries. Students have the chance to participate in paid and unpaid internships, co-op programs, and part-time jobs, graduating with sought-after skills and no student loan debt. – Bucks County Technical School – Upper Bucks County Tech School – Middle Bucks Institute of Technology – North Montco Tech Career Center – Central Montco Technical High School – Western Montco Career and Technical Center – Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

Sports medicine focuses on injuries that result from athletic activities. Students learn theory and applications related to athletic training, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, exercise physiology, injury recognition, management and rehabilitation, as well as restorative care and physical therapy. They also focus on various types of training, weight management, nutrition, mental health, wellness and more. Potential careers include athletic coaching, physical and occupational therapy, physical education teaching, nutrition management and wellness coordination. Source

This program helps future entrepreneurs to design, launch and operate a new business. Its students learn how to critically appraise and analyze business operations, learn about money, interest, discount and loan calculations, and utilize the accrual basis of accounting. They also learn to develop analytical reports, communicate effectively in writing and prepare and deliver informative and persuasive speeches. It’s perfect for anyone who sees himself as a future business owner or manager. Source