Dan Leppold Reaches for the Stars


Spring-Ford School District Science Teacher Dan Leppold was selected as one of just 32 people to be a special guest at NASA Wallops in Virginia to experience the preparation and launch of a cargo resupply rocket and spaceship destined for the International Space Station. Over the three days he spent onsite, he was treated to a wide range of experiences. He met NASA Director Jim Birdenstine and Astronaut Kay Hire, as well as a team of researchers focused on the space station. Then he had a brief chat with Nobel Prize winner and Principal Investigator Eric Cornell about the station’s Cold Atom Lab. And, of course, he received VIP seating for the launch from an area just over two miles away.


“It was a great trip with a lot of experiences that I can share with my students,” Dan says. “It matches our curriculum perfectly.”


Dan is just one of numerous teachers bringing out-of-this-world experiences to their students!