Early Childhood Education is Crucial

CAPS OriginalEarly Childhood Education

Pre-K education is not only foundational for success in school, but paves the way for a fulfilled life and career. With 90 percent of a child’s brain developed by age five, the earliest years of a child’s cognitive development are the most crucial, requiring high-quality Pre-K engagement.

Studies have shown that such high-quality programs prevent an achievement gap between expectations and abilities. In fact, every dollar invested in high-quality early childhood education has the potential to create a return of between $1.80 and $17.

The business community and the armed forces agree. CBS Philly recently reported that representatives from the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Main Line Chamber of Commerce, the African American Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. military believe that higher quality Pre-K programs would bridge a workforce skills gap that begins in the formative early childhood years. These business leaders cite indicators that jobs in skilled industries are expected to rise, and that early childhood education is essential to boost that growth.

In addition to Pre-K education, CAPS supports adequate funding to provide full-day kindergarten. Learn more at Pre-K for PA and make your opinion known to your legislators.