Elementary school kids provide light in dark election


Today, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be the principal of a wonderful elementary school in Central Bucks School District. My typical evenings of late have consisted of driving by a political lawn sign every two feet, unstuffing my overflowing mailbox of candidate postcards and walking into a house with the phone ringing incessantly. It feels like this harassment has been going on for years, although the gradual increase of intensity leading up to Tuesday’s election probably added to my feeling of suffocation.

Thankfully, my elementary school created a bit of a sanctuary from the election madness over past few days, weeks and months. Within these walls, I found sanity from the vitriol. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Kids are honest. They generally say what they think and listen to others without focusing on their own agendas.
  2. I have witnessed kids being more open-minded, accepting and tolerant of opposing opinions than adults in our community.
  3. When kids have a disagreement, it’s over by recess and everyone’s invited to play in the soccer game. “Us vs. them” is about which way you’re kicking the ball, not about resentment and persecution for difference of opinion.

On this Election Day, I’m thankful I work in an environment where innocence, forgiveness and acceptance are more prominent than money, exploitation and resentment.

Credit: The Intelligencer