For Profit Charter Schools

Charter Schools

According to an article entitled “Charter Schools and Private Profits” which appeared in the May 2000 issue of School Administrator, “The emergence of educational management organizations (EMOs) to run charters raises questions about the pursuit of profits and the quality of education. Unlike the schools with which they contract, which are legally prohibited from seeking profits, EMOs usually are for-profit firms that seek to earn profits from their provision of administrative and educational services to schools.”

“There are two questions we need to answer as we seek to evaluate the role of EMOs in the public school system. First, can EMOs produce student educational outcomes that are equivalent or superior to traditional public schools while generating profit rates sufficient to attract private investors? Second, can EMOs generate profits from increased efficiency and improved performance – and not at the expense of students who remain in traditional public schools?”

The article further states that “even if privately managed schools satisfy both of these conditions, thoughtful people may disagree as to whether they advance or undermine other values that are important in the public school system.”