Gov. Tom Wolf continues his commitment with proposed budget

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We’re pleased that the budget proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf continues his commitment to restore funding to public education, and if the legislators agree, will place funding at its highest level since the draconian cuts of 2011-12. Key investments in K- 12 education and school breakfast programs that support students in need are a high priority in the coming year.

Included is an increase of $100 million for basic education, $75 million for early childhood programs, $25 million for special education, and $2 million for school breakfast programs, which will also draw down additional federal dollars.

A vote by the PA Legislature is due by June 30. If the bill passes as is, it will mean that $500 million will have been added to K-12 education funding, $20 million in federal funds will have been drawn down for a school breakfast initiative, and the state will have restored 90 percent of those 2011-12 funding cuts over the past three years.

Check out the specifics below and let your legislators know you support public education in Pennsylvania!…/leg…/home/findyourlegislator/