Supporting our Educators and Support Staff Professionals

Support educators and support staff professionals in this year like no other.

School days before the pandemic were uniquely joyful. We miss our classrooms and school buildings the way they used to be — with students gathering with their friends at lunch, cheering in the gym, and singing in the choir room.

Although our work life has changed, our commitment to provide a quality education for each child hasn’t wavered. This year, we are working long into each night to provide new joy to our students the best way we possibly can. We need everyone’s help to stay safe right now so that when our school doors open wide, every single one of our students and staff is able to return.

Thank you to our parents and community members who had adapted their own homes and schedules to help make sure that our students are able to take advantage of the best learning mode for their family. Together, we make a great team to support the education of children in Bucks and Montgomery counties.

We Miss

Taken Away