North Penn HS Senior Wows them in France


A huge shout-out to North Penn High School senior Moira Shoush — who spent her junior year studying in Toulouse, France — on her outstanding achievements on the Baccalauréate Exam during the 2017-2018 school year.

Moira not only chose to attempt this high-stakes exam used to admit students into French universities, but also scored a 17.75/20 with a mark of “Mention Très Bien,” which translates in English to “Highest Honors/Summa Cum Laude.” For reference, the highest scores of 19 and 20 are incredibly rare. Moira was the very first American at her French school to take the exam and has set an incredible precedent.

Without a passing grade on the French “Bac” exam, a student has a difficult time advancing in the professional world. The “Bac” exam is said to be much more all-encompassing than the American SAT exam.

Congrats to Moira and her teachers, Anya Fuga, left, and Manda Clancy, right, who prepared her so well for this amazing opportunity and accomplishment.