Strong sense of community makes public education great!

CAPS Original

We wanted to share the insights of Scott Swindells who teaches English honors, literature, and creative writing and is the Virtual High School Site Coordinator at North Penn High School. Over his 16 years of creative teaching, which includes developing rap songs to reach his teen students, he’s developed some strong opinions.


“Among many things that make public education great, what really stands out to me is the strong sense of community. We are a diverse group of educators, administrators, students, parents, and staff, working together for the common good of our community. In a pivotal time, where some powerful and extremely wealthy people are working tirelessly to bring down public education in order to promote their own privatized school-choice systems, we hear some of them calling public education a “dead end.”

“Our district is filled with countless examples that prove just the opposite! In sixteen years of public education, I have been continually impressed by the amazing talent in North Penn’s academics, athletics, and activities. What a scary thought that some people want to pull the best and brightest out of our public schools and lure them into private institutions that are held to no accountability for the students. I am proud that my school and our district can serve as an example of what public education can be when it has a diverse and talented student body, supportive group of parents, pro-public-education school board, good leadership from administration, creative coaches, hardworking staff, and a strong association of education experts teaching in the classroom. Public education is all of us, working together to achieve greatness for our students!”