Unsung Heroes of Bucks and Montgomery Counties’ Public Schools



To the media specialists that get the most out of every Dewey Decimal.

To the school counselors who moonlight as community fundraisers.

And the nurses and social workers who meet the needs of students outside the classroom so they can perform their best when inside of one.

Thank you.

Your superhuman roles ensure that every child in our public schools can thrive — each and every day.

We encourage you to watch our Unsung Heroes’ stories below and to vote for your favorite. The winner will implement a project of their choice with the winning grant.

Central Bucks School District
21 years of service

As a counselor, Jeff plays a crucial supportive role at his school. But his impact goes far beyond that, between coaching basketball, mentoring students and raising $475,000 for chronically ill children in his community. Not too shabby for a school counselor.

Lower Moreland Twp. School District
14 years of service

No one knows how Ellen manages to have an answer for every question from 3rd grade history to the teachers union. Or how she finds the time to coach diving, co-chair her local education association and work with 5th graders to produce a daily morning show for the school. Omniscience is clearly her superpower.

Bensalem Township School District
14 years of service

Jacqui’s idea of a Friday night is ensuring disadvantaged kids have a place to stay over the weekend, so they’re rested, fed and ready for Monday morning homeroom. That’s just one example of Jacqui’s relentless dedication to children in her community. And, yes, that includes her biological kids, too.

Bucks County Technical High School
4 years of service 

Not only has Katie created a soothing and approachable atmosphere for students in need of medical assistance, but she’s also created a Comfort Closet where she assists students with personal care items, like clothing, book bags and shoes. We’re pretty sure she’s the only school nurse who can also dole out some serious fashion advice.  
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